Q: How do I backup my Shopify store?


Backups are a great way to secure your Shopify store. It’s like having an insurance policy for your digital property.

To start backing up your store, follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Learn more about automatic Shopify backups or install Rewind from the Shopify App Store
  2. Select a plan and approve payment information to activate Rewind
  3. Your first backup will begin and be saved to your Rewind Vault

Backing up data

There are three ways Rewind works to ensure your Shopify store is always backed up:

  • We run an automatic backup every night at 12am local time of new changes.
  • We run instant, automatic backups while you work on your Shopify store.
  • We offer the ability to launch a manual backup whenever you need it.

Rewind is a set it and forget it system. We will send you a weekly summary email of how your backups have been updated.

Congratulations 🎉 You’ve taken a massive step towards securing your data and having peace of mind about your store being protected from small mistakes or big disasters, like when Gymshark’s website crashed on Black Friday.

If you’re reading this and are thinking “HOLD UP! I thought that Shopify was able to back up and recover all my store data”. Unfortunately, you might have the wrong impression about what Shopify backs up.

Check out our other post to understand what Shopify backs up and why you need to backup the data that drives your business.