Last updated August 2022

Welcome to Rewind’s subprocessor page where we maintain a current list of sub-processors authorized to process customer data for Rewind services. As disclosed in Rewind’s Data Protection Agreement for GDPR Compliance, Rewind uses the authorized sub-processors listed below to process personal information.

All processing is done in accordance with Rewind and BackHub’s Terms of Service and Privacy Notice respectively. Prior to engaging any Third-Party sub-processor, Rewind ensures any Subprocessor we use meets our requirements for security, privacy, and confidentiality. We review all sub-processors regularly to ensure they still meet the original requirements and any additional requirements that may have arisen. Where applicable, Standard contractual clauses (SCC’s) are in place with sub-processors who transfer data between EU and non-EU countries.

We will make updates to the sub-processor lists via this webpage. You can also subscribe to notifications at for when this list is updated.

Sub-processor Purpose Location Service
Amazon Web Services Hosting provider USA, Europe (Ireland, Germany), Canada Rewind / BackHub
Google Cloud Platform (BigQuery) Data Warehouse Canada, USA Rewind / BackHub
GitHub Computer Programming Code Repository & Management USA Rewind / BackHub
Honeybadger Application Monitoring USA Rewind / BackHub
Hubspot Customer Relationship Management USA Rewind / Backhub
Intercom Customer Relationship Management USA BackHub
New Relic Application Monitoring USA Rewind / BackHub
Papertrail (Solarwinds) Log Management USA Rewind / BackHub
Salesforce Customer Relationship Management Canada Rewind
Segment (Twilio) Product Analytics USA Rewind
Sendgrid (Twilio) Email Sending Infrastructure USA Rewind
Skykick Deliver, manage and maintain your cloud backup for Office 365 services. USA, Europe Rewind (Microsoft 365 backups only)
Slack Internal Communications USA Rewind / BackHub
Stripe Payment collection and handling USA Rewind / BackHub

Update Log:

15 August 2022