Foundry business protects critical Trello boards with Rewind

Philippe Dubuc describes himself as a “passionate foundryman” with a special interest in the sand casting process. Sand casting is an essential ingredient in the manufacturing of many household and industrial items. Specifically, it provides the ability to create complex shapes easily – think car frames and seat cushions, and camera casings. Philippe is inspired by the idea of advancing this Stone Age profession further into the digital age.

Himself the son of a foundryman, Philippe puts his passion to work at Fusium, a Canada-based, owner-managed sand casting business. As the company’s part-owner and General Manager, Philippe manages all aspects of Fusium’s business and engineering operations, overseeing a team of 75. A self-declared “guardian of rigor,” Philippe understands the need to continually invest in the foundry and its people to ensure peak technical and operational performance. And he’s always looking for new ways to create customer value while maintaining impeccable standards of quality and precision within his craft.



Country: Canada

What They Do: Experts in sand casting


Concerned about employees forgetting to back up Trello boards to the company server, Fusium’s General Manager found a better backup solution in Rewind.

Forging ahead in foundry

For these reasons, having access to accurate data (both real-time and historical) and ensuring swift cross-functional internal collaboration is an absolute must. Fusium has been using Trello since 2016, and it’s become entrenched as a must-have tool within the entire management team and some of those working on the shop floor.

Trello houses Fusium’s business-critical information and serves as a platform for teams to connect and collaborate across the organization. “Everything from project management and committee meetings to processing purchase requests happens inside Trello. There’s a lot of activity going on there, and our boards, cards, and lists change daily,” explains Philippe.

A nightmarish scenario

We asked Philippe what would happen if Fusium were to lose all its Trello boards.

“A nightmare” was his response.

“If that happened, we’d lose business intelligence that’s been built up over years. It would take us months to recover that data, and it would have a huge impact on the business’s productivity.”

Philippe explains that before finding Rewind, Fusium was trying to get its people into the habit of backing up Trello boards by saving project files in PDF format and storing them on the server.

However, that approach simply wasn’t good enough for Philippe. “All too often, I’d find instances where people had forgotten to export boards, and that was an issue for me.” And for all its powerful features and functions, Trello doesn’t offer user-level backup and restore functionality, which further added to Philippe’s concerns regarding potential data loss. After scouring multiple discussion forums, he found that Rewind was the logical—and almost only—choice. “I just thought, ‘here’s my answer,’” he says.

Why Rewind for Trello board backups?

Rewind ticked the following must-have boxes for Philippe when it came to selecting a Trello backup solution:

  • Complete and automated Trello backups
  • The ability to restore Trello boards
  • A secure environment in which to store the data (rather than simply backing up information to Trello itself)
  • An attractive and unmatched pricing arrangement

Ultimately, by connecting Fusium’s Trello account to the Rewind app, Philippe has been able to supercharge the company’s internal productivity while drawing a permanent “line in the sand” under any data loss concerns.

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